Fall Fundamentals Bundle

Take a Leap into Fall by Advancing Your Dog's Obedience, Improving Recalls, and Having Fun!

Winter Is Coming! Ready to clean up your cues and take your training to the next level?

We are offering a bundle of three of our client's favorite classes!

Intermediate Family Dog

Take your training to next level with our Intermediate Training Class. If you’ve taken a Puppy or Beginning level class and have a good start on the basics such as Sit, Down and Come but need to start making your training more “real life ready”, this is the class for you! Basic training is important but it needs to work when things are distracting or when you are at a distance from your dog.

By taking the lessons you’ve previously worked on and advancing those you will be on your way to having a dog come when you are in the “Great Outdoors” or a stay even when the kids are dropping food from the table. We will also introduce distance work. Teach Banjo to sit from 20 feet away or lie down from across the yard. Other cues that will be discussed are polite greetings (no jumping!), leave-it and how to incorporate training into your daily life.

Really Reliable Recall

Does your dog come when called, only when she wants to? Does she have trouble coming away from distractions such as other dogs or something on the ground?

This class will give you the skills you need to work on getting a truly reliable recall, even in tricky situations!

Learn games to play that will increase your dog's motivation and drive to turn on a dime and race to you when you call her name. This class is for dogs who have completed Puppy II or Beginning class.

Play With Your Dog!

Playing with your dog is about more than just tossing a ball! In this class, you will learn what makes for good play—the kind of play that engages your dog mentally, emotionally, and physically. The best play does something: it builds relationship, confidence, self-control, and well-being. Really good play can be a method or reward for training, and fearful dogs benefit from play as therapy.

This class works through multiple kinds of play, giving you a broad toolkit for engaging your dog and having fun together. You will learn toy skills like a safe tug, a happy retrieve, and a stellar toy release. You will also learn about making food fun (or even more fun!) and personal play that involves only you and your dog. Playful pups will develop the self-control to follow your lead, and less certain dogs will loosen up and get in the game. Join today to gain an exciting training tool for bonding, mental stimulation, sports, tricks, and obedience.

Your Instructor

Chelse Wagner, CPDT
Chelse Wagner, CPDT

With DBF since: 1998

Areas of expertise: Aggression and Anxiety issues

Education: B.S. in Psychology and Zoology, apprenticed with Patricia McConnell, Ph.D.

Certifications: CPDT

In her words: "I am really fascinated by body language and visual signals as a communication tool for emotions and states of being. Dogs are wonderful at expressing their emotions and intentions through body language so this fit my personal interest! I also really, really like working with people and helping them understand their dog so the conversations between the two species are more clear to both.”

Courses Included with Purchase

Play with Your Dog!
Build relationship, confidence, and training skills—through play
Jessie Gurd
Really Reliable Recall
Call your dog to come reliably, even in tricky situations!
Chelse Wagner, CPDT
Intermediate Family Dog Training
Take your training to next level!
Chelse Wagner, CPDT

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